Total Alignment

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Welcome to Total Alignment (TA)

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Total Alignment (TA) is a young company, where our focus is on helping our clients succeed especially with technology driven business performance improvement.


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 Our mission is to help organizations go through change /business transformation more successfully and realise the business benefits that these investment promise.

Our philosophy is to engage our clients in true partnerships where we work together to achieve business benefits through better “alignment” of the forces within an organization – people, process and technology. Our approach and methods require a high level of participation from our client’s staff so that they go through the learning experience to develop capabilities by engaging in essential activities in the project.

 At TA, we believe that the measure of success of a technology project should be how well identified benefits are realized. This focus helps us to work with our clients in a results orientated manner. Using our holistic approach (People, Process and Technology) we work with our clients to achieve their desired results by assisting them to use all three of these aspects of an organization to deliver not just the technology aspect.



Is IT used effectively in your businesses to?


Reporting systems are clearly the key technology that will help business get more value from their IT investments.  The serious economic considtions mean that Business Intelligence and Reporting Platforms are going to be essential for business to compete and excel.